Instructions to (maybe) rescue your stolen IOTA before transfer continue

If the stolen transaction is still pending (it’ll say „Pending“ underneath the transaction in your wallet history), URGENTLY send your entire balance to an address in a different seed. You might need to use the CLI wallet in order to make this new transaction so that you can bypass the double spending prevention mechanism that’s built into the GUI wallet. You need to get your new transaction confirmed before the stolen transaction is confirmed. Diese Anleitung gibt es ebenfalls in deutscher Sprache.

You have all likely used malicious online seed generators when generating your seed. It looks like the owner of that website(s) decided to steal all of the victims‘ funds today, so we’re seeing a bunch of panicked posts about stolen funds.

What can you do to rescue your pending stolen IOTA?

  1. Install nodejs (
  2. Open a Terminal with Admin rights and install official command line wallet:
    npm -g install iota-cli-app
  3. Start it with
  4. Find a node that does remote Proof of Work (try one of the two with the check here: )
  5. Type
    #Syntax: node http://server:port
    node thatnode.url
  6. Type
    minWeightMagnitude 14
  7. Type
    #login to your Wallet using seed:
    seed YOURSEED

    and connect to your Wallet. Then wait for it to retrieve all data – when it does your prompt will change to the balance, i.e. (`iota (http://localhost:14265 ✓) 840404044i`

  8. Send all iota to new address on new seed with
    transfer NEWADDRESS 8404040447

If the stolen transaction is confirmed (it’ll say „Confirmed“ underneath the transaction in your wallet history), unfortunately that IOTA is now gone forever. This is a terrible situation, but hopefully we can use this experience to inculcate safe seed generation practices.

The golden rule is to change 10 characters from whatever string of characters the seed generator gives you. Preferably, avoid online seed generators altogether. Here are the currently recognized best practices of seed generation by the IOTA community:

Für unsere deutsche Community: Erstellen eines Offline IOTA-Seed unter Linux / OSX


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Greetings and many thanks to DysfunctionalBoss for this Guide!

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  1. […] This manual is also available in English! Wenn die gestohlene Transaktion noch aussteht (unter der Transaktion im „transaction history „Ausstehend“ angezeigt), senden Sie SCHNELLSTMÖGLICH Ihr gesamtes Guthaben an eine andere Wallet, dessen Seed NICHT über einen Online-Generator erzeugt wurde! Wir haben hier eine Anleitung verfasst wie ein Seed im Terminal unter Linux oder Mac OSX erzeugt werden kann. […]

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